There are very few places on Earth where a sportsman can experience the

cool trout streams

of the mountains, the fall colors from a frosty deer stand in

the piedmont,

the migrating waterfowl of

the coastal plain,

or the tug of a giant tuna in the

Gulf Stream

off the coastline. 

All these and much more can happen in one geographical area: 

The Carolinas have a rich outdoor heritage with plenty of resources to back it up.


is a TV series based on the utilization of these natural resources in the Carolinas.  More than just a fishing and hunting show, North Carolina native Chris Douglas takes his viewers for an exciting ride across the region in search of the bounty our great area has to offer.


Each episode will carry multiple segments that may touch on fishing, hunting, game processing, food gathering and preservation, cooking, conservation and historical events.

Bringing his national award-winning craft to viewers in the region, Chris will give exciting and action-packed episodes to his viewers, beckoning first timers to experience the outdoors for themselves, but also giving valuable information to experienced sportsmen and women that they can use to improve their outdoor experience.

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Dixie Deer Classic

Come see us at the Dixie Deer Classic!  If you didn’t know, the Dixie Deer Classic (DDC) is one of  North Carolina’s best kept secrets!  Held at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh and in it’s 39th year, the DDC attracts over 20,000 + attendees annually!  A consumer event based around the outdoors but mainly focusing on the white-tailed deer from North Carolina, the DDC is a proven venue to get it’s exhibitors in front of a large group of highly supportive sportsmen and women who spend their money with those who support their lifestyle.

Starting JULY 5, 2020


Mondays 8:30pm

Wednesdays 7pm

Saturdays 6am


6:30am - Fox Eastern Carolina

8am - CW 22

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