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The concept of a regional TV series was conceived after Chris Douglas spent 16 years of his career traveling across the world pursing game with the camera for numerous national TV series and networks. Understanding that he would be promoting a lifestyle encompassing all things outdoors, he wanted to create a brand that was simple but cool, something thought provoking but that also represented the pursuits of the regional sportsman. From these criteria came THE FISHBONE.

In a fall deer camp in central Kansas, a Motley group of men from different corners of the country sat around a lunch table with pen and paper in hand. They scribbled, scratched their heads, rubbed stubbled chins and made suggestions to one another. As their drawings began to take form, the "Fishbone" was born. Now after numerous revisions, it has finally come to its current form.

We believe the pursuits of the sportsman basically boil down to three things:


Under these categories most anything is covered.

The FISH SKELETON represents, of course, fishing and the pursuits of all things with scales and fins; fresh and saltwater.

The opposite side is an abstract deer antler which represents the most popular big game animal on the continent, the WHITE-TAILED DEER. But even more than that, it represents hunting and trapping for all legal furred animals. Deer, bear, elk, and even small game like rabbit and squirrel all can be represented here.

The negative space created by the fish skeleton and the antlers creates the shape of a FEATHER. Without hesitation, waterfowl comes to mind, but upland game like quail and pheasant can be included as well as our beloved wild turkey.

"Born out of the ideas of sportsmen to represent the disciplines we love, we hope that you'll find your favorite pursuit in this mark and proudly display it on your clothing or vehicle to show your support of sportsmen and the natural resources we so dearly love."

Chris Douglas

Fishbone New White.png



Host and Producer

From humble beginnings, growing up in Central North Carolina in a tobacco farming family who had a great love for hunting and fishing, Chris Douglas experienced the outdoors literally in his backyard.

Spending his early years chasing small game and fishing irrigation ponds, then moving on to deer hunting during the expansion of the southern deer herds, Chris cultured a passion for all things outdoors and spent his days experiencing any kind of hunting and fishing he could.

In his teens, Chris moved with his family to the mission fields of South Africa and experienced his first African Safaris. This experience broadened Chris' horizons and upon his return from Africa, he decided he wanted to make a career out of his love for the outdoors. In the years to come, Chris continued to hunt and fish as much as he could and after graduating high school went on to pursue a college career in Radio and Television Broadcasting. From there, he interned and eventually contracted with an NBC affiliate in Knoxville, TN. He then came back to North Carolina to work in the industry and start his own production company.

It's worth noting that while pursing his dreams, Chris managed to find time to court and marry the "Love of his Life" and high school sweetheart, Genelle Jackson. They married after he came back home from Tennessee and in the next few years had two children, Hayden and Hayley. Both kids have become accomplished gun and archery shooters and compete annually in high school teams. Hayden took on a love for waterfowl and Hayley is up for anything in the outdoors.

While raising his budding family, Chris worked for small TV stations and production companies and eventually landed a gig as a producer for a national outdoor show and from there began to meet producers and television personalities across the world. Since then, Chris has videoed and produced outdoor shows for some of the top names in the industry in some of the most remote places on earth. With hundreds of successful hunts, Chris is the only producer who has ever captured 23 of the 29 North American Big Game animals on professional video equipment.


All this experience traveling across the world's landscapes has given Chris a unique perspective on conservation and the role sportsmen and women play in the sustainability of our natural resources. Taking this perspective to the viewers across the region, instilling pride in the sportsman and educating the non-hunting public are lofty goals but Chris feels this is paramount to educate the public to help them better understand the role we plan in protecting our natural resources.

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